Kaohsiung Design Festival 2008, The Warmest Aurora  

To address the public’s concern, we would begin by talking about reasons behind holding a design festival in Kaohsiung instead of the capital city of Taipei, Taiwan:
Most Taiwanese art schools are in the south. Our famous Taiwanese street food was originated in the south. Most Taiwanese brands started out from the south. The southerners’ gentle breaths and the southern sun had bred countless Taiwanese artists.

As most capitals around the world, Taipei is constructed largely of migrants as it provides excellent political and economic opportunities. On the other hand, the south lays its confidence in originality and culture diversity, as art is human creation free from survival. To learn from success of the collaboration between Tokyo and Kyoto, Seoul and Busan, we believe that the mani- festation of Taiwanese culture would also be more promising if bridging the binary-oppositions, namely Taipei and Kaohsiung.

Through the various activities in these nine days, we hope to spread the creative spirit around the city and make Kaohsiung –the City of Art. We sincerely welcome your visit and hope you enjoy this “design atlas”.